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This is part of our Travelers.Live offering. Travelers is a social network for travelers, with chat rooms for each country of the world. It aims to provide support for travelers but also to facilitate our TravelAgent.Live travel agency which has as one of their offerings: The Travel Team. Want to learn more? Please visit: https://TravelAgent.Live.

Decentralized has different meanings to different people. In its purest form everything lives on the blockchain. While our chat app does not live forever on the blockchain, our You-as-a-Service professionals operate in what we like to call a decentralized fashion. Think franchise. Think McDonald’s but even more decentralized than that. Each professional is the commander and chief of their own YaaS, BUT as a collection of over 200 decentralized sites and servers, we have made some inroads away from centralized big tech and will continue to do so.

We have on-demand experts in timezones around the world. While we can’t reply immediately to every query, we will try our best to respond to every query within 24 hours. If you subscribe to a specific YaaS service, operating hours may vary based on the WorkMate providing the service to you.

Some might say that the best companions are the companions that love the things you do! Others might say opposites attract. The world of professionals is a world of people. Who knows who might be waiting around the corner. Start You-as-a-Service today and find out. Connect with your audience on your terms.