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Anything is possible my friend. And with Elon Musk’s Starlink paving the way for Internet anywhere, you might want to start planning a trip and packing your bags! You-as-a-Service is a great way to continue to do you from anywhere. Start your service in whatever area suits you. And prepare to plug in from paradise!

You bet! We provision a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for YOU. This is your service, this is your thing, and you get the keys to the car. Being Admin can be awesome, or it can be daunting! We are here to help you provision the basics nearly at-cost and provide basic support. If you’re not comfortable driving a Linux terminal, don’t worry, we got your back. That’s the layer of service that we provide a charge a nominal monthly fee for. Give it a try.

We have had dreams of a token economy since the beginning. While we have pushed that to the side momentarily, I really think it will be a big part of our incentivizing effort sin the future. We have lots of other incentivizing features planned as well. Please stay tuned!

Not yet! But if you want to start your You-as-a-Service as a fitness coach, physical therapist, yoga instructor, NFL player, or anything sports-related really, go for it! We can set you up with all the tools you need to provide virtual coaching sessions to your players and fans and on your terms. Self-hosted sports will become a thing, do you want to be a pioneer? Give it a try today!