Want to Join Our Startup?

  • Please shoot us a message if you're interested in becoming an expert for our organization.  This opportunity includes the potential for earning startup equity & claiming a space doing what you do best. 
  • We are seeking subject matter experts across 200 different professions, those looking to engage with customers, the public, new friends and teammates.  You will also take ownership of a ".Live" website with next-gen chat features, all pre-built & waiting for you. 
  • Continue to promote your business & services through a slick new communications hub. 
  • Leverage our exclusive network & collaborate with experts at your fingertips.   No other platform puts as many bonafide pros within such short reach.
  • Please include the name of the WorkMates channel/domain you would like to apply for (there are 200 channels/domains across 35 sectors).  If you would like to cover more than one channel GREAT!  Just let us know, and in a few words why you'd make a good fit.
  • In order to become a "verified" WorkMate, please register using your LinkedIn email address, so that we may add you as a connection later.  This allows you access to the entire WorkMates.Live expert network free of charge & to ensure "verified" users are genuine.  Any questions about that hit us up via the button below.
  • Sign-in / Register if you haven't already (click the blue button in the left sidebar of the dashboard to sign in):


  • All interested & verified applicants will be invited to a private chat with our co-founders in the WorkMates real-time workspace.
  • Send us a message anonymously with any questions:|


  • At WorkMates.Live we believe in privacy:   All users on the platform remain anonymous and your data will never be shared or sol.

  • Thanks!  & don't forget to drop a line or two via the form below to give us a heads-up that you registered & wish to apply (you can apply to up to 6 channels max, please tell us which channels via the form below):