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Early stages! We are self-funded with a small team. Bug fixes and feature development may take some time but we’re plugging away. Please be patient during our beta period. It’s a great time to get involved though!

You-as-a-Service is about you doing YOU! This is your server, your data, your audience, your offering. We provide the nuts and bolts and digital functionality to make you doing you easy. From server to website to marketing pizazz, we got you, and you got this! Give our service a try today.

WorkMates, while geared towards post-graduate professionals including teachers, is a perfectly suitable platform for aspiring educators and a way for them to connect to their students in some really cool ways. From Discord-like servers to self-hosted Moodle courses that you as an educator control as Admin. Would work marvelously well!

Our core chat at, built on open-source, adheres to high security standards. There is functionality for end-to-end encryption. Our websites are SEO-optimized and secured against threat actors through geo-blocked and whitelisted IPs and more.