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YOU-as-a-Service for Researchers

Join the largest ".Live" expert network in whatever it is that YOU do.
Start your own research business.
Represent project authority in your profession, showcase your skills, impress recruiters.
As a side gig or full-blown business, we got the kit for "YaaS" and your audience.

Start your own "YaaS"



Monthly Subscriptions to Researchers

Get help with things like scholarly research, market research, academic journals, publications, research papers, templates, networking, and more.
Ask questions discretely and securely on your device and app of choice (e-mail, SMS, browser-based, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Slack).
Get responses in real-time from a real person. One-on-one. Cancel anytime.

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Anybody and everybody. We all have skills, we all have unique experience and knowledge to share with the world. The difficulty is in finding a way to do that that’s both safe and secure, on a trusted network that won’t harvest your data for one. To do YOU on your terms. Put your YOU out there today.

There’s lots of ways to remedy that! You can study up on something else, grow your network, make a move, make a change. Or you can dabble in other areas in your spare time and on top of your current job. You can scale at your pace until your new endeavor gets some legs and the time is right. Offering a You-as-a-Service to others is a great way to do just that.

YaaS is a self-hosted solution built on raw computing space in the cloud. YaaS starts as your own Virtual Private Server (VPS). On this VPS we host your “.Live” website, chat app (Built on open-source or Zulip), project management app (including open-source Kanboard, Wekan). We supplement your communications with programmable SMS built on Twilio.

Start a Self-Hosted Research Business

YOUR server, YOUR data, outstanding startup bang-for-your-buck. Built on raw cloud computing space that you own.
Open-source technology at your fingertips for all your research needs.
Comes with a ready-to-roll website, a fully-featured chat app, kanban board, and more.
An integrated experience. Your server, your service, your teams, your audience.
Move into a ready-built "YOU-as-a-Service" suite for $25/mo. Cancel anytime.

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You-as-a-Service or YaaS is simply you doing you.  You doing your thing and what you do best.  You dialing things in and packaging up “You” for the world.  It’s about you serving others, you serving...

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