Tiny homes that are affordable and great for the community, great for the environment, and maybe great for you. Whether a part=time traveler or a full-time digital nomad, a tiny home getaway is just pure awesome.

Browse affordable properties around the world that are tax-free for up to 3 years or just a really decent deal. Home buying doesn’t have to be a slog. Let us help you unclog the work involved when looking to purchase a home.

Escape urban chaos with a home away from home or a getaway from a bad home. We seek to provide affordable options for anybody. We pair virtual working opportunities with affordable tax-incentivized local government programs.

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Tackling homelessness head-on and providing AFFORDABLE on-demand getaways in interesting locales, there’s always a place to go to no matter your stature. Modern, broadband, efficient, and cost-effective. Housing is not a difficult problem to solve for. Let’s try something new.