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Do your own thing. If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s to be a bit hyper-aware about the future. And to that end I’ve been working hard to build this site. Two years and counting. But why? Why? To help prepare for the future, maybe? I wanted to build something that I could turn to if things went south. A business, perhaps. Or maybe it’s something else. The something else. In building a business I came to a realization. That the real building happened inside of me. All the things I’ve learned along the way, through all the headaches...

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Adding Value as an Account Executive.

Adding Value as an Account Executive Sales is an art. Keeping your customers and clients happy is a necessity. And providing growth is the name of the game. When you think of an effective Account Executive, you think confidence, somebody well-spoken, responsive, and who knows their product inside and out. The ability to entertain certainly doesn’t hurt. Subscribing to professionals used to be out of reach for most. Dedicated assistants, virtual or otherwise, in any profession are usually expensive. One model that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to maintain an appropriate level of service but also a decent livelihood...

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Adding Value as an Administrator.

Adding Value as an Administrator We’ve all been there. We blow through half the day dealing with administrative tasks all too often. Dealing with little things like paying bills, shipping, whittling away at our e-mail inbox, or even just waiting on the phone for somebody. It’s not hard for me to imagine some of the ways that my own personal assistant could help me in my life, but unfortunately this idea is out of reach for most, myself included. Dedicated secretaries, PAs, and other administrators are expensive. What if there were a way to bring down this cost while still...

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What is You-as-a-Service or YaaS?

You-as-a-Service or YaaS is simply you doing you.  You doing your thing and what you do best.  You dialing things in and packaging up “You” for the world.  It’s about you serving others, you serving yourself, and you being paid for your amazing YOU service! You-as-a-Service is about you finding an audience for those who can benefit the most from what you got to give.  It’s about privacy and sharing YOU on your terms.  It’s about making money and getting your fair share.  It’s about you being the best you can be in service of your world and to those...

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